Back on the horse

After an extended period of hermit-ing, laziness in the kitchen, neglecting dishes, and not exercising… I’m back. All issues were dealt with this very weekend.

Hermit problem = SOLVED. This weekend Kyle and I had a date, went out to watch a blazer game with friends, and I had lunch with my girlfriends (stayed over 3 hours!). I don’t know why I felt like I needed to hole up at home and not be social for so long, but that’s what happened. I only ventured out to be with family or to work. I feel better now.

Food problem = SOLVED. I found myself highly motivated to start eating healthier (again), stop eating lunches out, and stop my husband from eating lunches out. I have hard-boiled eggs waiting in the fridge for protein-filled breakfasts on the go, I made a homemade dinner (roasted corn and roasted cauliflower tacos. YUM!), and I’ll be bringing leftovers to work for lunch tomorrow, and my husband’s lunch is packed and waiting in the fridge.

Dishes problem = SOLVED. I did them. AND after I did them, I emptied the dishwasher. That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Exercise problem = SOLVED. I joined the gym. I’ve been meaning to for so long, and finally they had a good enough deal, that I did it. And I went two days in a row. I am super sore, but I feel SO good. SO much better. But I did have to buy a pair of $10 “fat pants” at H&M to get me through until the work at the gym pays off. P.S. my “fat pants” are two sizes bigger than my normal pants. No wonder I’ve been so uncomfortable in my clothes lately!

Moral of the story? I feel like a million bucks. Now… if only I had a million bucks. That would solve most of my remaining problems.

Goo Goo

Kyle might get mad at me for posting about this… but it is nothing he doesn’t already know, so I’m posting anyway! 🙂

So… babies.

Kyle and I are married. And we’ve been together for going on 7 years. And we’re both in stable jobs. And we’ve got a house. And we’re in our late(ish) 20’s.

So… babies.

I’ve never been addicted to anything. Ever. So this whole-body desire for something is brand new to me. But wow, is it powerful! We’ve got a few things to do to the house before we’re ready to bring a baby into our world, so my brain is over-ruling my primitive desires, but it probably isn’t too far off now. So even as my brain tells my desires to wait, it also says, “but not for too long”. And then my desires refuse to calm down.

But I think I’m going to enjoy this waiting period a lot. First of all, the house stuff is really fun. And second of all, this desire is a magical feeling! The fact that my body is sending me such basic, animal signals is so cool. We spend so much time thinking about everything. What a nice change to just feel.


We’ve made a big decision.

We have officially set a start date, a budget and a timeline for our bathroom remodel. After having spoken with my Granny and received some wise advice (“consider it an investment in the owning of property”), we decided that it was OK if we did some of the work on credit, just to get it done.

But we also wanted to give ourselves a little time after the holidays to save up some cash. And we thought it might be nice if a tax refund arrived in the middle of the project too… so we set the start date for February. Get ready for some excitement! I know I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself.