Newlywed 20

I knew I didn’t feel right in my body, but I hadn’t stepped on the scale. I was trying to go off of “feel” and not off of the “numbers”. But I did it. I stepped on the scale this morning. And I regretted it immediately.

What good did it do? I am already going to the gym. I am already solving the problem. Except now I feel anxious about it, because I weigh more than I thought I did.

Now, instead of just feeling motivated, I feel panicked. And this is nothing to panic about. This is just a result of my enjoyment of food and life for the past year. I let this happen through indulging in the happy times in my life. And now I have a plan to solve the problem I created for myself. And I’m already executing that plan!

Nope… the scale was a bad idea!