$$ motivation

Kyle and I have struck a deal: If we come in under budget on the bathroom remodel, we’ll treat ourselves to massages after it is completed.

Genius. We can’t lose.


Things are moving and shaking at our house lately. In addition to the bathroom remodel, Kyle needs to have oral surgery. It has been in the pipeline for years, but the time has arrived. The baby teeth that never fell out finally need to go. So many big things happening!

Cue: wrestling with insurance to try to understand what is covered. And figuring out how to deal with the portion that is not covered.

Life sure is exciting! Bring it on… we’re kicking butt lately!


We are now in possession of a big, old, blue truck. Went and picked it up (get it?! pickup?! hahaha!) this evening from my mom and her husband. And guess who drove it home!!

THAT’S RIGHT! I did. I camped out in the right lane feeling huge and dangerous. And now the truck is camped out in front of our house, ready to do WORK!

Other good news: one of Kyle’s coworkers/friends volunteered to help with the demo of the bathroom. He’ll be here on Saturday all day. We didn’t even have to twist his arm!


Big news! Kyle and I are starting the bathroom remodel TOMORROW. The leaky toilet is visibly staining the grout in the floor tiles, and the visible stains are visibly approaching the wall that separates the bathroom from the kitchen. In the interest of avoiding a simultaneous bathroom/kitchen remodel, we thought we’d better hop to it and fix the problem before the damage gets too far. So… tomorrow it is! We have a port-a-potty being delivered tomorrow morning. Yikes!

We have all of the “finishes” picked out, and we have a plan for getting things done as quickly as possible. Although Kyle has decided that I don’t need to know everything about the plan, and I just need to trust that he knows what he is doing. In the interest of keeping one of my new year’s resolutions, I’m going to let go of control of this! He is right, I don’t need to know everything, because I already do trust him. Wanting to know was never about the trust, it was about me needing to feel in control of my surroundings. But now I’m relishing in the luxury of not needing to worry. It is so rare that I feel truly un-needed… and it is kind of lovely!

So all I know of the plan is:

  1. We’re picking up my stepdad’s extra truck tonight
  2. Kyle plans to work weekends AND weeknights to get this done quickly
  3. I’m supposed to bring Kyle water and snacks, and that’s about as much as he wants me to help

BONUS: Since we’re not going to have a shower, I plan to go to the gym nearly every day to shower. I’m going to come out of this bathroom remodel looking like a million bucks!