My little car is being put to use! Ordered our floor tile today, and got to bring home the wall tile. Basic, affordable white subway tile fills my trunk. 🙂

Best part? We got a 10% discount! Feeling very clever and thrifty!


As if we don’t have enough going on with the bathroom and Kyle’s upcoming oral surgery… We also got a quote for replacement windows for the house.

We have to replace the bathroom window during the remodel, so we thought we’d see what it is for replacement windows for the whole house. Our heating bills are insane and out of control, the windows are painted shut, and even if they did open, they don’t have screens (and I have top-tier arachnophobia). So these 107 year old windows need to go!

So looks like we’re doing all the windows in the house too. The quote came in about $6,000 less than we thought it would. Considering ourselves lucky!

End of Day #1

Summary of the day: It was noisy and dusty, and the two boys made significant progress! We’re now adjusting to using the port-a-potty by flashlight in barely-above-freezing temperatures. Thrilling!

Not bad for the first day! Check out the pictures below!