Window War

I got a call from the first window company today saying that we’re approved for financing and asking us if we’re ready to move forward. The monthly payment comes in at a comfortable level for us, which is lovely. I wasn’t sure where that would ultimately end up.

I told the guy that we need to wait for another quote before we’re ready. He was surprised and said, “I didn’t know you were getting another quote”. I put on my sassy-pants and said, “I didn’t know I was supposed to tell you”.

I’m not good at being sassy. Or disappointing people. I feel bad that we’re shopping around on him! He thought he had this in the bag, and now he’s probably super bummed.

But I am also proud of myself for managing a low level of sass, and also for not letting myself get pressured into a decision right there on the phone.

Kyle is trusting me to handle this because he is busy with the bathroom remodel. So I need to suck it up, muster up some sass, and get us the best price I can find.

Day 4 update

Not much has changed visually in the bathroom since Saturday. The only difference is that there is a gatorade bottle and a beer can sitting on a ledge, and the floor is now torn out as well.

But fret not! Progress has still been made in other areas! Yesterday Kyle’s sister and brother-in-law came over for dinner, and the brother-in-law helped Kyle strategize about the plumbing re-routing we’re planning. They spent a couple hours darting around between the bathroom, the basement and outside putting together a plan and (I think) a shopping list.

Brother-in-law and Kyle plan to do all the re-routing this coming weekend. Other than that, all I know about the plan is that I am supposed to get our shower/tub fixtures before Saturday. They’re all picked out, so all that’s left is buying them!

Kyle hauled all our debris away this morning. The whole bathroom fit in the back of the truck! That might not have been the case if we had decided to trash the toilet and vanity… but we’re storing those in the basement for future use in a basement bathroom. The tub is also still in the bathroom, to be taken out this weekend. Best part of the debris hauling? We don’t have to pay a penny to get rid of the stuff. Count that as a win for our budget!

Speaking of the budget… we’re off to a great start on that front! We’re coming in massively under budget in several areas, which is more than making up for the small over-budget choices we’re making in the fixtures. I don’t want to jinx anything… but we’re looking good for an overall under-budget project so far!

Upcoming: Tomorrow we’re going shopping, now that the bed of the truck is empty. And Friday we have another window company coming to give us a quote. After the plumbing is done this weekend, Kyle can start in on putting the bathroom back together!