Let’s just take a moment to be grateful for the weather we’ve been having during this bathroom remodel. It hasn’t rained since we started. This is good for two reasons: 1) We’ve been hauling stuff home from Home Depot in the back of a pickup truck. 2) It would suck to go out to the port-a-potty in the rain.

Here is the forecast for this weekend. 🙂

Windows and Plumbing Supplies

The biggest news in the last day and a half is: We’ve selected a window company, and we’ve gotten all the plumbing supplies purchased, including a tub and toilet!

Kyle’s brother-in-law is the one with all the plumbing knowledge, so he made most of the purchases, and he just arrived with all the loot. Kyle is making eggs and bacon for them, and then they’re going to spend the entire weekend re-routing the plumbing for the bathroom.

So pretty soon the water will be off, and the biggest, most difficult part of the process will be underway. This chick is pretty excited!