Its a bit cold in here!

Cruisin’ through another day of renovations… I’ve been escaping to the gym and store quite a bit this weekend, because it is COLD in here! The boys have to keep the windows and doors open so sawdust and fumes etc can get out. So the heat must be off.

We haven’t had any running water since yesterday morning due to the plumbing work, and we could really do with running the dishwasher. Maybe twice! So now my entire house is a disaster area. A very cold disaster area! I’d post pictures of the progress, but there are dirty dishes, tools, drywall, beer cans and dirt everywhere. And no one needs to see that! Amazing how fast a tiny house like ours fills right up!

But I hear rumors that we’re going to be able to turn the water back on by the end of the day! So I’ll at least be able to do the dishes! These guys are just doing great, fast work. The other rumor I hear is that the tub is going to be installed by the end of the day too. I’m particularly excited about that, because then it will start to resemble a bathroom in there again.

Can you believe the tub is going in?! Everything is moving so quickly!

The final rumor I hear is that our plumbing budget is blown. Goodness gracious! But we’re still under on a lot of other areas, so the project as a whole is under budget so far. And if we’re going to blow the budget somewhere, I’m glad it is the plumbing. So important to do that right the first time so you don’t end up with problems down the road.

OK time for me to bury my hands under the blanket again. They’ve been out so I could type long enough! Brr!


Kyle and his brother-in-law did so much work today! They just wrapped up for the day after working a full 12 hours. I fed them twice, but they only stayed at the table long enough to shovel down their food. They couldn’t wait to get back at it.

Color me impressed!

My favorite development of the day is the new location of our toilet hole! Almost all the plumbing rough-ins are done, which really makes our vision start to seem real. I can totally picture the end result now!

The plan is that they’ll pick up some missing parts in the morning, and then the plumbing overhaul will be completed by the end of the day tomorrow. I hope everything goes smoothly, because it would be nice to have running water back in the kitchen!


When the saws came out this morning and started making a ton of noise, I started to feel a little stressed. So I got the hell out of dodge!

I made the best of my time away and went over to Kyle’s mom’s house to do our taxes. How weird is that? OUR taxes.

I’m sure there are more “firsts” like this ahead… but every time one comes up, I get a little surprised about how it feels!