A million steps forward, 1 step back

My sweet husband decided to work on the bathroom more after work yesterday, despite a decision to take the evening off after 2 full days of work over the weekend.

He got the insulation stuffed into the walls. It is pink and lovely and warm looking.

So more progress has been made… but he also discovered a chip in our brand new bathtub that we now have to deal with. I haven’t actually seen the chip, because he covered the tub to avoid any more chipping while work proceeds… but he claims that the chip is so bad that the tub would probably leak if we tried to fill it with water.

That is what I call “anti-progress”.

Maybe things had gone too smoothly so far. We were due for a bump in the road. Except our bump came in the form of a hole… which is sort of an “anti-bump”. Hehe

Not sure what the solution is yet. But we do know that part of the solution is to not panic!