Problem… solved?

Ran the dishwasher today… didn’t leak… problem solved?

In other news, we hit Home Depot yesterday after work. Picked up a few things so Kyle can do the electrical work and get started on the floor and walls.

That’s really all the updates I have. 

P.S. I’m feeling a bit desperate to have some normalcy back. And for my house to be clean. I’d go into more detail about my feelings… but I don’t want to talk about it. Ugh. I’m tired.

Room by Room

Like it or not (for the record… I like it), we live in the Pinterest age.

Scrolling through the home decor category on Pinterest is a favorite thing of mine. And it has got me thinking… After this bathroom remodel, my bathroom should be Pinterest-worthy. I mean, it should be seriously gorgeous. That’s what happens when you get to do it all from scratch.

But what about the rest of the house? None of the other rooms will be “finished”! They’re all “good enough”, and the grand visions have all been started, but not taken all the way. And we just can’t have that, now can we?!

So I have a plan. It goes like this: Go room by room and….

  • …make sure my color schemes are consistent.
  • declutter
  • …rearrange furniture as necessary
  • …paint walls that haven’t already been painted
  • …paint wood furniture so it matches. We have so many different colors of wood (hand-me-downs and IKEA mostly!) that we have just tried to match up the best we could… coating them with some paint will create some continuity. And its no big loss covering up such cheap wood with paint!
  • Make sure decor/pictures work together and don’t make the space too busy

Some of these things will be easier than others. And I’m not going to give myself a timeline. I’m just going to check all the boxes for all the rooms… eventually! I want my tiny little house to be just the way I envision it!

Different kind of surprise

You may remember that the other day, I came home to my sweet husband doing chores. That was such a nice surprise.

Not all after work surprises are welcomed. Yesterday, we both came home to not-so-nice surprises.

  1. Our fence blew down. Again. In a different spot… but still! It wasn’t even windy yesterday. The fence is just rotted and falling apart. I’m sure someone looked at the fence, and it fell over from the strength of the stare.
  2. Our dishwasher is leaking. Only mildly. And probably due to me damaging the door by jamming it shut over something that (I didn’t realize) was sticking out too far. But it is leaking, nonetheless. So… we may need a new dishwasher. (is there no end to the money hemorrhage?!)
  3. And lastly, Kyle informed me that his boss said the crew (including Kyle) may need to start working Saturdays. The only way this is good news is that it would mean 8 hours of overtime every week. But it is mostly bad news because…well… Kyle needs to be home to finish remodeling our bathroom. And I also really like to, you know, see my husband.

So we got grumpy and said, screw it! And postponed our planned Home Depot shopping trip, ate some candy, went to Kyle’s sister’s house, took showers, played with the baby, and put the day behind us.