Bye bye first trimester symptoms?

Recently a lot of my first trimester symptoms have been easing. They’re not gone yet, by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m not constantly on the edge, which is pretty delightful.

Hunger nausea in particular has been getting better. But… Note to self: if you’re so exhausted that you can’t even stand up, try having a snack.

1st Trimester Fun

Knowing what potentially lies in my future has always helped me quell any anxiety I have, no matter what the situation is. That way, if disaster strikes, I already know what to do. I figured that pregnancy would be no different. So while we were trying, I’d been reading about things to expect during pregnancy. The funny thing is, no matter how much you read about something, none of it really makes any sense until it actually happens to you.

You can read about nausea and think to yourself, “okay. I might be nauseous.” But up until pregnancy, nausea is temporary. Anyone can handle being sick for a couple days. But how about a couple months? Yea, you’re not prepared to understand how that feels that just from reading the word “nausea”.

And how about exhaustion? All humans have experienced being tired. And if you’ve ever traveled internationally, or gone to college, you’ve probably stayed up for over 24 hours in a row and felt really, really tired – maybe even exhausted. So you read about “exhaustion” during pregnancy, and you say, “great. I know what that feels like. A few more naps… no problem.” And to you I say… HA! You’ve never been tired until you’ve been pregnant. There should be a different vocabulary to describe the feeling… because it isn’t the same thing as normal-people exhaustion.

And moodiness! HAHA! You think that as a woman, you’ve got this one covered. After all, you’ve survived PMS since you were a pre-teen. Every single month, you are completely unstable. Oh yea? Try having unpredictable emotions every day!

Anyway… the point is that it was a great idea to read about it to get an idea. But you’re in for a shock when you actually get pregnant whether you’ve read up, or not.

I’ve been lucky that things haven’t been worse. I’ve been mostly okay. That being said, I’m about to share with you a bunch of stuff that is going to sound like complaining. Some of it is, but most if it is just general amusement at how weird my body is right now. Here are some “cute” stories about my fun first trimester symptoms:

  • hunger nausea – No actual morning sickness here, but I do have this fun thing I like to call “hunger nausea”. Basically, anytime I get hungry I feel like I’m going to vomit. So I have to eat all the time. If I start to feel a hunger pang, I have mere minutes to get some food in my mouth before bad things happen.
  • food aversions –  The tough thing about hunger nausea is that you have to eat. And for the majority of my first trimester, nothing has sounded good at all. Except for potatoes. Those always sound good.
  • weight gain – The problem with eating constantly, and only being able to stomach carbs (preferably potatoes), is that you gain weight. Fast. Most of the reading material I’ve found says 1-4 lbs in your first trimester should do you. I gained 5 lbs in a month. Hooray?
  • sour taste – This was (luckily) a very temporary problem – if you can call 4 weeks temporary. It started a few days after the positive result, and lasted until just after 8 weeks. Basically, my mouth tasted sour every single moment of every single day. This definitely did not help with my food aversion problem. It was especially awful after eating sweet things (so I stopped eating sweet things almost entirely – bonus!). And it even made water taste bad (which made staying hydrated in the awful summer heat very difficult). It was so bad it would wake me up at night.
  • brushing teeth gagging – I wanted to brush my teeth a lot while the sour taste thing was happening. But for some reason, brushing my teeth was absolute torture (still is, actually). I spend the entire experience hunched over the sink wondering if this will be the first time that I actually throw up. Maybe it is the foam? Maybe it is the toothbrush plunging into the back of my mouth? Maybe it is the flavor? All I know is I hate it.
  • mild sudden weeping – I think I’ve been able to keep my moodiness pretty well under control. There have, of course, been a few notable exceptions. Twice there have been actual meltdowns with sobbing for basically no reason.
  • passing out from standing – In addition to the heat aggravating my nausea, it also has a habit of making me very nearly pass out when I stand up for too long. I’m going to blame this on increased blood volume because it sounds scientific. But anyway, I tried to do the dishes one day (rookie mistake) and I ended up lying on the kitchen floor with my feet in the air and the portable AC unit blowing on my toes until the world came back into focus. Kyle was not amused.
  • smells – I haven’t had this one too bad. It seems like a lot of pregnant ladies report serious issues related to smells and vomiting. Me? Not so much. I got close once, but Kyle shoved a bottle of lemonade under my nose and that evened me out. Mostly, the smell thing has just been humorous for me. I feel like I can smell things a mile away! And a lot of times I wish I couldn’t smell things because it is mildly unpleasant. But like I said, no major reactions other than hilarity and weird faces.

So there you have it. I guess the summary is: I never know what is going to happen to me at any given moment. I suppose I’d better get used to that.