Baby bump?

I’m about 80% sure I have a genuine baby bump on display today. I’m 20% sure its still just a big fat bubble. But I’m 100% sure I’m wearing maternity leggings and a maternity sweater and feeling fabulous!

The internet seems to hate maternity clothes. So do the actual mothers I know. I thought for sure I’d agree with them and loathe them. Because who wants to spend money on clothes you’ll only wear for a little while? And if you feel like a huge fat cow no matter what you wear, why wouldn’t you (at least partially) blame it on the clothes?

Well… turns out I don’t agree with the internet. Or the people I know in real life. I am about as happy as a clam to be in my first full-on maternity outfit! And I loooooooved shopping for the few items I have accumulated so far.

Maybe it is because I hadn’t bought myself any new clothes in so long that even maternity clothes seem exciting. Or maybe its because wearing them makes me feel like I’m actually pregnant. Or maybe its because I’m so much more comfortable in my maternity leggings than I was in the 1 pair of jeans I can still squeeze into…

Whatever the reason is, I am very excited about my maternity clothes. So I think I’m going to have to be very mindful not to go overboard and just to get a few basics to get me through. It would be pretty easy for me to go overboard… 🙂

Now if I could just figure out for sure if I have a baby bump or a fat bubble!