Food Dummy

I’ll never learn! My food-related pregnancy mistakes are not dwindling as time goes on. Please, allow me to demonstrate my point with the following stories:

  1. Monday afternoon I went grocery shopping after work. Because after work is usually reserved for (meal-sized) snack time, I was hungry while I shopped. It was torture. So when I got home, I plopped the grocery bags on the floor and reheated a leftover waffle in the toaster. I buttered that sucker up and started to chow down. I had let myself get so hungry that I literally tried to eat my fingers along with the waffle. My jaws are especially strong when I finally get food after starving myself for an extra hour… so my thumb was throbbing for several hours after the waffle was gone.
  2. Yesterday I went to the doctor’s office for some blood work, an ultrasound, a pap smear, and a urine sample (so glamorous!). I was there forever being poked and prodded (baby was stubborn and wouldn’t get into position… took over an hour to get a good ultrasound shot!). By the end, I was absolutely exhausted. So I went home, finished up the afternoon of work, and then decided that I could skip my snack time for a second day in a row because sleep was soooo much more important. An hour and a half later, I woke up to my husband arriving home from work, and I was almost in tears. But it never once occurred to me that it was because I had skipped snack time and needed food. So I waited another hour and a half before finally making dinner (which was life-changing, by the way. It was like the sun had come back out after living above the arctic circle for a whole winter).
  3. Today I went to lunch with some coworkers. We went to Thai food, and I got 2 salad rolls. My pre-pregnancy self loved those things, and 2 of them was plenty. My now pregnant self also loved those things, and also ended up starving less than a half hour after arriving back to the office. Needless to say… it was a rough afternoon.

Moral of the story? CAROLYN! YOU KNOW NOT TO SKIP SNACK TIME! I really must remember not to mess around with how much and when I eat!