Feeling groovy

You know how when you feel fine, you don’t really think about how you’re feeling? Well I just realized that I haven’t had to think about how I’m feeling much, because I feel fine.


I still have to be careful to feed myself regularly, I still gag while brushing my teeth most of the time, and I still end up in bed around 9 PM every night (sometimes earlier)… but I feel good, people!

I do not expect to feel un-pregnant and completely normal. No matter how good things are, I’m still going to feel different. So given that, I would say I feel like a million bucks.

I mean… I even went and shot the basketball with Kyle last night (between dinner #1 and dinner #2). That’s right! I had energy at 7:00 PM to get up and move. It is a pregnancy miracle!

Insurance Nightmares

I mentioned that we were wrestling with insurance in a post from last week, and of course nothing with insurance gets resolved within a week, so we are still dealing with that. But the plot thickens, and more insurance battles are slapped on top of existing ones.

I have to say that the cause of the most stress in my life is definitely insurance/finances, even with Kyle’s help. I thought insurance was supposed to be there to take away some of your problems with healthcare… but it really seems to be the biggest problem of all!

I’m trying to take some comfort in the fact that we are not the only ones who face these challenges (come on… the whole country is dealing with how bad the insurance system is!), but it can feel quite overwhelming at times anyway.

Budgeting is hard. Budgeting for a baby is harder. And budgeting for a baby and healthcare costs is the hardest. All I have to say is: Thank goodness I’m not doing this alone. Having Kyle by my side to share the burden and help with solutions is sanity-saving. It certainly takes (at least) two brains to figure this out!