Birth Stories/Photos

For the record, it is a bad idea to look at birth photography and/or read birth stories when you’re pregnant.

First off, it will make you cry. Because happy things make you cry.

Secondly, it will make you want to meet your baby right now. And if you’re a mere 5 months pregnant, you will inevitably feel very disappointed at how far away meeting your baby actually is. This may lead to more tears.

Thirdly, the husbands are usually in the pictures/stories. And they are always doing something so incredibly sweet to help their wives that you’ll just melt. And then the baby comes out and sometimes the husbands cry… which, of course, will make you cry, you silly pregnant lady.

So just don’t do it. Don’t look/read. Especially on your lunch break at work. Because you have people to see, dummy.

I’m having one of those weeks where everything just seems hard.

Sometimes I wish I could just quit everything and gestate full time.

Gestating and doing the rest of life is basically constantly multitasking.

Snore. I need a nap.