After all the stress yesterday, I slept like a rock all night long and still don’t feel rested. I think it is going to take another good night of sleep to recover from the emotional trauma. Phew!

BUT! Good news – I realized this morning that it has been several weeks since the last time I gagged while brushing my teeth. I guess it is pretty safe to say that that phase has passed. And I definitely do not miss it.

Seriously, though. I’m so tired I think my eyes are eventually just going to stop opening again after I blink.

Hi baby!

Baby Boy is kicking me right this moment. Something in my brain still doesn’t want to believe it because I’m apparently dead set on punishing myself forever.

But let’s be real… I’ve paid the price for my dumb decision. I stressed all day long. It is time to accept that baby is doing his nightly dance routine in my belly, and I need to give myself some slack.

Little dancing baby. Such a show off. 🙂