Stop it, optimism!

I moved on from the car shopping. You know… to try to restore my sanity and come back down to earth.

Well, my hormones don’t allow me to do anything sane anymore. So I ended up on the Babies R Us website. And did you know that they’re having a 15% off nursery furniture sale? Well.. now I do.

And now that damned optimism is basically screaming at me: “The time has come! You should buy that glider for the nursery! It’s on SALE!

I think I should turn off the computer and take my optimism to the fridge to grab a yogurt. Channel that energy into some protein and calcium instead of pre-spending money that may or may not be coming into our lives.

Maybe I’ll even throw in some granola. Yummmm.


I’ve been feeling optimistic lately (i.e. the last two days). I’m not sure this over-optimism is completely justified. But it is much better than feeling stressed!

But optimism has a dark side, people. And it is called “Craigslist car shopping”. And I found a great car at the Ford dealership down the street from our house – A 2012 Ford Focus in white, with leather seats, reasonably low miles, and to top it off, it is reasonably well priced.

I think we’re going to get some resolution about our finances in the next week or so. I really hope that car is still available when we have gotten a clearer picture of our budget. Until then, I must resist spending money based on optimism alone! 

Being a grown up is hard. And not very much fun. I’d rather fly by the seat of my optimism and be irresponsible. That’s way cooler.