Crying Babies

I have a naive musing about babies that I’m going to share.

I’d like to emphasize that it is naive.

Because I don’t actually have a baby of my own living and breathing outside of my womb.

But here we go!

Crying babies. I’ve been seeing all these things online about “no cry” this and “tear-free” that. Like today on Pinterest, for example, I saw a link to an article about how to give a “no-cry bath” to your baby.

Why does it matter if your baby cries through a bath? If baby poops all over itself, it may need a bath, whether it wants one or not. So let it cry (and the parents can cry too, cuz ewwww. Poop.), clean it up, and then it’s all over.

Babies literally have no way of communicating other than screaming at you. So if they cry, make sure that they’re not in pain from scalding water or dying from hypothermia or whatever, but then… can’t you just continue on with the bath under the assumption that all they’re trying to say is, “hey mom, I hate baths!”?

Honestly, if you spend the whole bath trying to make your baby stop crying about hating baths, you probably spend longer with the baby in the tub than you would have if you’d just gotten on with your business and bathed the baby.

I just feel like emphasis should be taken off of the avoidance of tears. The tears themselves are not the problem… right?

Please don’t send Child Protective Services after me.


Kyle and I have been living a life full of big moments for the past few years. It all started with getting engaged, then getting married, then buying a house, then getting pregnant. And in the middle of all of that there have been promotions and career decisions. And soon there will be an actual little human baby in our lives.

That’s a long list of huge stuff. We’ve been bombarded for just about 2 years now. Granted, it has been overwhelmingly positive life-changes (thank goodness!)… but even positive life-changes can really shake you up emotionally!

Oooh feelings.

We’ve been building up to some career changes in Kyle’s world for a while now, and resolution should be coming tomorrow in one form or another. And I think it is a good thing we don’t have to wait much longer, because we’re both exhausted and emotionally burnt out.

It is wild to think about everything we’ve done and everything we’ve gone through. What a whirlwind. I’m just so grateful we’re still strong, and happy, and together, and on the same page, and looking forward towards the same things. This non-stop pace has really made me feel connected to my husband. But we could use a breather for a second. “Just” having pregnancy on our plate would be a nice change of pace.