I don’t know who the person who said this is, and I haven’t double checked to see of this person actually said this… but that is rather irrelevant.

I saw this today and it resonated with me. Although I think this “pause” should happen at least once daily.

We should never lose sight of our goals and keep striving. But every day, if just for a moment, let us appreciate where we are, what we have, who we’re with, and the progress we’ve made.

This weekend, which is so filled with joy for our little family, feels like a big “pause”.

This weekend has been unbelievable. And it is only Saturday.

First, Kyle’s job stuff got resolved in a very positive way.

Then the couch got delivered.

Then I bought a new car.

Then I baked Christmas cookies and treats with my mom and brother all day and had the most wonderful time.

Then my mom, brother and step-dad all felt the baby kick for the first time.

I don’t even need a Sunday this week. I’m all full up with good stuff.