The New Car

I have now had the new car for a couple days. And I love it!

The car buying experience was interesting, and something I had never really been a part of up until this past weekend. Although I can’t say I’ve really been involved in the process now either, since Kyle handled pretty much everything. My role was: “Yes, I like it. No, we can’t afford that price.”

My other role in the process was going to the bathroom 6 times in the 3 hours we were there. So it is a good thing they didn’t need me for anything important, because I was absent quite a bit. Have I mentioned that being pregnant is hilarious? Also, I think Baby Boy is going to be a soccer player, and my bladder is his first toy. 🙂

Anyway… At one point Kyle and I played with the idea of going to look at other Ford Focuses at the Ford dealership down the road. We knew for a fact that they had a 2012 with a few less miles (and quite a few less features/upgrades), but in the end, we decided against it because Kyle didn’t want one with less features/upgrades. And I didn’t want Kyle complaining for the next decade that “we should have gotten the fancier one”. He agreed that he would, in fact, mention it every single time he drove/sat in the car – he wouldn’t be able to help it. So it was worth a few extra bucks a month to take an annoying recurring fight off the table, I think! We bought peace in our marriage. Money well spent!

With the decision made, and the car at home with us, I am starting to figure out some of the fancy new features. My current favorite is the bluetooth connection to my phone. I frequently find myself muttering to myself, “how did I ever live without this?”.

Kyle is also pleased with the purchase. As we headed to Home Depot and the grocery store yesterday, he begged to be allowed to take the wheel. He also mentioned that he “likes the looks of me” in the car.

All around, I’d say we’re a happy pair!

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