Baby’s “first” christmas

Baby Boy has had a big few days. His “first” Christmas was a hit. I was surprised at how spoiled he was for not even having exited the womb yet! But his mom and dad (out in the real world, living and breathing) got pretty spoiled, too.

In addition to the couch and toaster oven we bought ourselves, Dad got a tuner and new mud flaps for his car and some gift cards, and Mom got new shoes, a cookbook, some yummy snacks, and some gift cards. She also got a big lantern that is going to serve as the nightlight in Baby Boy’s nursery.

But back to Baby Boy… his Christmas was just epic! He got his crib and mattress, a hand-knit blanket, a stuffed cow, a tiny baby-sized sock monkey, a blue dalahäst, and a red long-sleeved onesie. And we also got word that his rocker is on the way for his nursery.

Today I went and grabbed some paint for his nursery, too. I picked up some paint for the kitchen while I was at it, but I’m most excited for the nursery color.

Baby Boy has been really excited about all his new stuff, too. He is really in the holiday spirit, celebrating by kicking and dancing non-stop. No more “he’s active at this time of day… blah blah blah”. He is a constant partier! I even caught him on video moving my belly around yesterday. Funny little guy. 🙂

Anyway… after this Christmas, this mama is feeling super festive and very grateful. Our families are really behind us and making us feel so supported. Holidays (and life in general) aren’t really about material things, but we’re starting to feel a little more prepared with some of the “stuff” checked off our list. So in this case, the “stuff” feels pretty important. Because “stuff” = prepared = calm mama. And in the case of getting baby “stuff”, it feels like we’re receiving a bunch of big hugs from our loved ones.

I wish I could bottle this feeling.