Maternity Coat

Have I posted about the endless search for a maternity coat yet? If not, let me get you up to speed:

When you look at “outerwear” for pregnant ladies, you’ll usually find a vest and a polar fleece zip up. If you do happen to find a coat, it will almost never have a hood. And it will most definitely not be waterproof. (And it will probably be a “puffer coat” because pregnant ladies don’t feel puffy enough as it is)

Apparently the general consensus is that pregnant people only sometimes need to be warm. And they definitely don’t need to be dry. Because we’re not like the rest of the humans.

Well someone finally got the memo about pregnant ladies needing to be warm AND dry simultaneously (and not “puffy”). Yes, that’s right! I found a waterproof maternity coat with a hood! I found the unicorn! Just click and see!

But after you marvel at the unicorn, please join me in crying about the unicorn. Unicorns, it turns out, are quite expensive.

I am going to kiss the unicorn goodbye, because I wouldn’t even spend that much on a coat that I could use for years, much less one that I would only wear until April!!

However, I live in the Pacific Northwest where it rains quite a bit during the winter. Additionally, it is currently 34 degrees in Portland, with wind gusts reaching up to 50 mph (i.e. windchill down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit). I am also growing out of the (non-waterproof) coats I have borrowed from my generous loved ones. So I probably need a coat. And  probably soon.

I think I’ll go back to ogling the $50 non-waterproof (but hooded!) semi-warm looking coat at H&M. It is conveniently named “mama”, which reminds me that I’m going to be a mom and makes me feel warm and gooey inside. So even if the coat itself doesn’t keep me warm AND dry, at least it gives me happy warm feelings.


I think Baby Boy threw his first tantrum today.

He was whacking me on my bladder, belly AND side all at the same time. It was like he wanted to hit me absolutely everywhere he could reach.

So that was new.