Weekend Update

Once again, Kyle outdid me in accomplishments this weekend. Looks like I’ll be making up ground after work again this week. That strategy actually seemed to work pretty well for me last week, and between Kyle working hard this weekend, and me sort of… evenly spacing things out… lots of baby prep was done!

So what did we do?

  • I called the medical supply place to put in my order for my breast pump. Plan was thwarted because I’m not allowed to order until 2 months before my due date. Once again, I am over-prepared. BUT I did find out that they have the super-deluxe, luxury, fancy, everything-I’d-ever-want-in-a-pump pump. Yay!
  • Finished childbirth class homework
  • I exercised (twice)
  • I finished our taxes (more on that later!)
  • Kyle did a supply run to Home Depot with BIL to get drywall, since BIL is kind enough to lend us the services of his truck even on a weekend when he himself is unavailable for manual labor. What a guy!
  • Kyle closed in half the dirt pile with drywall + mudded + taped (plans to do the other half after work this week!)
  • He put the final coat of paint on the nightstands (I owe you before/after pics!)
  • He re-routed the troublesome downspout that was causing some of our worst basement leakage issues.
  • He put some concrete patches on some parts of the basement where there are leakage issues. Not a permanent solution, but perhaps it will help a little!

All-in-all, a pretty great week. I had hoped to get the pantry and hall closet checked off of my “get organized” list. And I had also hoped to vacuum and do the dishes. But I simply ran out of energy. I feel myself slowing down more and more. But I am determined to pace myself and get everything done eventually! Watch me succeed, world!

Last night’s pregnant lady rage-filled outburst:

Kyle gently awakens me and says, “sweetie you’re taking all the blankets.”


Don’t think I was fully awake for that one.