Here are some pictures of the quilt I mentioned a while back. I finally finished hand-stitching the binding, so it’s time to reveal the finished product. 🙂

This pretty little thing is a gift to myself. I started it ages and ages ago – long before I got pregnant. But it is kind of perfect timing that it is done now! It makes me feel very cheerful seeing it in my living room. Just a little something to remind me that I am more than a vessel for a baby. I have talents, and look what I can do!


I am 31 weeks pregnant today. Today is big in two ways; 

1. I’m huge. 

2. I woke up to an email this morning alerting me to a large direct deposit into our bank account. 🙂 Our federal refund came!

That  means that one of our 3 credit cards is 100% paid off as of 7:30 AM this morning. And a second one had its balance cut in half (other half to be paid when our state refund comes). And we’re also now very, very close to having what we need in savings for my maternity leave.

This is a day that will go down in (our credit) history. It took so many years to get ourselves in debt, with it creeping up on us slowly. It can all be traced back to college, where working combined with the student loans (and not wanting to take too much from our parents) didn’t cover the bills and groceries were purchased on credit. And then it snowballed from there. Its hard to stop creating more debt when you’re constantly trying to pay off old debt. 

I think ours is a typical story. “Investing” in college can get you off on the wrong foot financially at first. But hard work, living frugally, time, and some career advances have gotten us to this day. And let’s be realistic – without “investing” in college, we wouldn’t have advanced as far as we have in our careers. So it was a tough start, but worthwhile in the end. No looking back now, people!


My new favorite activity is laying on my side.

No wait. It’s floating in a pool.

Wait scratch that. #1 is definitely sleeping.

Boy oh boy. Being pregnant is exhausting. Anything that isn’t laying around is annoyingly difficult.

But I didn’t let that stop me today. I worked a full day (from home. Thank goodness for having that luxury), and I organized the linen closet, under the sink, and the pantry. I also washed towels and emptied the trash.

I am so glad I’m still able to overcome my desire to be lazy. Because as tired as doing all that stuff made me, it also made me feel good to get it done. I just need to push through February. March’s to-do list is minimal, allowing for as much laziness as my pregnant body desires.