Painting was successful today! We have now banished the horrible almond paint from every room upstairs, which feels news-worthy.

As you know, we painted the nursery, which you can see in the second picture. It is now a beautiful light grey, which both of us love. The old purple color that the previous owners chose was pretty too, but it was so dark! And the new light color looks bright and cheery, but also soothing. Everything we’d ever want in a nursery color. And somehow the room looks much bigger now too! BONUS! 

Kyle keeps walking into that room to look over and over again, and when I asked him why, he said it gave him butterflies. Things are feeling so real now!

Also… don’t you LOVE the artwork? Our brother-in-law did that one for Kyle’s man-cave at our old house. But it is definitely going to stay in the nursery. Baby Boy is going to be very cool with that hanging above his crib.

The first picture in this post shows the before/after of my sewing area/office. The sad almond color just wasn’t doing it for me. And I will be spending a lot of time in there when I work from home every day during my “maternity leave”. so I wanted to make it a place I liked to be. 

I really wanted a new desk to make it a more pleasant place (remember the West Elm desk I lust after?), but given all of our other expenses with the baby coming, and our desire to continue to live frugally in general, I’m pretty pleased with how much of a difference the paint made! I think that was just enough of a change to make it a happier place for me. I don’t think I’ll mind spending time in there at all! So forget the desk. That is definitely a “want”, not a “need”.

Kyle just said he thinks we’re “the busiest people he’s ever met”. I’m sure he’ll be eating his words when the baby comes, but for now, I see what he means. We’ve really been going going going nonstop to try to get our lives in order. But he and I both agree that our lives are oh so satisfying at the moment. 

As we sat back with Kyle’s mom (our amazing painting helper) and her husband this evening, putting our feet up after a long day, Kyle said he just felt this overwhelming sense of well-being and thought to himself, “this is awesome!”

My sweet husband is usually so introspective and doesn’t share his feelings, positive or negative, without some poking. But that means that when he is really, truly happy, to the point where it bubbles over and he can’t contain it, his happiness is on another level. We’re there this weekend. 🙂

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