The verdict is in

Our new bedspread arrived earlier this week, and after several nights sleeping with it, I’ve made up my mind.

Best. Purchase. Ever.

I haven’t been sleeping consistently well the past few nights (there was one particularly bad one that left me so tired I couldn’t get out of bed in time to go to the office. Worked from home that day!). But you know what didn’t cause my sleeplessness? Sweating excessively!

Sure, I still get way too warm. And I still get pretty damp. But not the sleep-disturbing, sheet-soaking heat that I had been dealing with.

Let’s hear it for 100% cotton!

So one sleep-wrecking problem has been minimized. I think we’ll call that a victory.

Today’s mini project: artwork for the nursery. I spotted this orange and red fabric in my stash and decided it was perfect to stretch over some canvas and hang. Decor on a budget!