Happy Valentine’s Day!

This year, like every other year, Kyle and I are celebrating valentine’s day with a heart shaped pizza and all-star basketball on tv. We like to keep it low-key and make it about the time together instead of about material things. Plus we always seem to be on a budget. 🙂

Although this year Kyle did buy me a new nightlight so I wouldn’t stumble on my way to the bathroom 5 times a night anymore. Probably one of the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever gotten!

As always, I’m grateful to have the valentine I have. What a lucky girl I am. Three years ago he was my boyfriend. Two years ago he was my fiancé. One year ago he was my husband. And this year he’s about to transition to being the father of my beloved baby. I’ve loved him at every stage and as every kind of partner. I’m sure that will never change.