What is happening in there?

Lately, the main baby topic has been “is he head down?”. Based on where I’ve been feeling feet and elbows, we’ve sort of suspected that he is diagonal, with his head at my left hip and his feet at the right side of the base of my ribcage.

Today my tummy started feeling different. And for the first time, it became difficult to bend or twist even a little bit. It even hurt a little. And I kind of felt like I needed to pee even when I’d just peed. This “different” feeling was alarming, and I (of course) asked my mom if I should be worried.

So far, we’ve decided that I shouldn’t be. But I’m paying close attention to if the pain gets worse, just in case.

At first I thought the “different feeling” maybe came from the baby moving lower. Because that would explain the full-bladder feeling. But after further thought, and some baby kicks, I have decided that he didn’t move lower, he just rotated to be head down. Which I guess is moving lower, in a sense. And apparently this slight shift in positioning is enough to make me feel significantly more uncomfortable.

If my instincts are right about what happened, I’m very excited to be uncomfortable. And I really hope he stays where he is! Head down would be fantastic news. Stay put, little guy!

Sleep! Contractions!

Man oh man! No matter how much sleep I get lately, it feels like it isn’t enough!

But I have been sleeping really well, which is a bonus. Aside from interruptions from the tiny bladder Baby has given me, I sleep like a rock all night long. I usually wake up feeling super energized… and then by the time my morning shower is over, I could really go for a nap.

Pregnancy is so bizarre.

In other news… I’ve continued to have Braxton Hicks contractions recently. Lots of them. They’re still not painful, and they’re still not regular. So I’m not worried. They’re actually kind of cool because they make my belly oddly shaped and rock hard.

But it got me thinking… they tell you that you’re supposed to go into the hospital if you have more than 5 contractions in an hour (which hasn’t happened to me). BUT at some point, this rule changes to “go in when you’ve had contractions that are 5 minutes apart, lasting 1 minute each, for an entire hour”.

When does this change-over happen?! That’s a huge difference in rules! I am thinking the first rule applies to “suspected pre-term labor” and the second rule applies to “actual real labor”. But… No one has ever actually told me when I should stop following the first rule and pay attention to the second rule. I should probably ask my doctor about this next week.

For now, at nearly 33 weeks, I’d guess that I’m still in the first rule zone… so I’ll just keep enjoying my mis-shapen belly until it feels like time to panic. Keep on practicing, uterus. D-Day is coming.