Moody Baby

Last night we had a couple friends over and we told them a story from a few nights back. They pointed out that it was going to be a great story to tell our son someday. And in that moment, it occurred to me that they were right, and I should really jot this one down!

I go to bed before Kyle every night. And I’m usually so exhausted that I fall asleep right away and don’t wake up when he comes in. The night in question was no different.

…for me.

I fell asleep as usual, but when Kyle came in, he closed the door a little louder than normal. Now, this didn’t wake me up. No! It woke the baby up! He started smashing and banging in my belly at the noise. And THAT woke me up.

Har har har. Whatever, I’m used to baby movements by now. I wasn’t going to let that stop me from sleeping. So I ignored Kyle and decided I’d fall back asleep.

Well… Kyle knows better than to touch me and wake me up when I’m sleeping (most of the time anyway), but for some reason he must have known I was faking it, so he actually ventured over to my side of the bed and put his hand on my belly.

Quick reminder: I’m a toaster oven. I’m constantly hot. So throw a blanket over me, and I’m the Sun.

Kyle’s hand was not the Sun. Kyle’s hand was Pluto – The Ice Planet.

To me, this felt amazing. Cool me down in any way possible, and you’re my hero.

To the baby, this was INFURIATING. As soon as Kyle’s frigid hand landed on my belly, tiny (but forceful) baby punches started landing on Kyle’s hand. One. After. The. Other.

Kyle exclaimed, “WHOA! What happened!?”

To which I answered, “YOU HAPPENED. Before you came in here, baby and I were sleeping peacefully. And now? THIS!”

Oh… right… I’m still grumpy. Hehe.

But Kyle is used to my grumpiness. Especially after I am awakened. So he just laughed, put on his proud dad face, and left his hand there to be punched until he’d had his fill.

And I saw my future. Two trouble-making boys – my husband and my son – and me, helplessly at their mercy. Makes me teary-eyed just to think about it. 🙂