No matter what happens, we’re having an April baby! With March behind us, and May way too far away, it is official.

That actually feels pretty special. To know that this month we’re having a baby. And with my due date in April, I have grown a little attached to the idea of having an April baby. So it is very fun to have made it this far.

That being said, I’m still pregnant. 🙂 no April fool’s joke there.

Whatcha doin, uterus?

I don’t want to read too much into anything, but I want to document what has been happening just in case it does mean something. So here’s the latest:

I’ve been contracting all day, 7 minutes apart. That’s not unusual for me. But the contractions kind of… hurt? On a scale of 0-10, my contractions have always been a 0 or a 1. Today they’re more like a 2-4. That’s not enough to mean labor… but maybe it is a step towards labor?

You can laugh at this, but today there were also thunderstorms. I read that the change in barometric pressure can lead to labor/water breaking. There have actually been studies showing that there is a meaningful increase in women going into labor within 24 hours after a big, sudden change in atmospheric pressure. 

Plus I’ve been exhausted today. Just extra tired. Phew.

And lastly, I’ve been on high-alert today for some reason. My mom said she has been too. There is something to be said about a gut feeling. Those gut feelings can be wrong… but you read about women who just “felt it coming”. So I’m noting my alertness with a grain of salt.

If I go into labor within the next day, then I’ll get to look back on all of this and include it in my story of how things progressed. If I don’t, chalk it up to an over-excited mom-to-be. Wouldn’t be the first time I over-analyzed what my uterus was doing!