Come on, baby!

We all know I’ve been eager to meet Baby Boy and have been analyzing every single little thing my body has been doing for WEEKS.

But I have never felt more anxious to have the baby than I do today!

Why? Because I know for a fact that today would be a great birthday. One of the greatest. And I know this because my current favorite person on the planet (possibly soon to be passed by Baby Boy) has tested it out every year for the past 28 years.

That’s right, people! My husband’s birthday is today! And I want nothing more than to give him a son for his birthday. He says he accepts belated birthday gifts too… but I think he is just saying that to try to get me to chill out.

Anyway… wish me luck! It could still totally happen.

If we miss out on the baby-as-a-birthday-gift gag, I’ll go back to my normal levels of anxious tomorrow. Because if we miss today, I guess I don’t really care what his birthday is!

(P.S. it has been 2 weeks since the baby dropped… so that’s worth noting)