39 weeks! I continue to balloon everywhere, not just my belly. But feeling pretty good overall. We’ve got a fully grown human baby in there pondering when he feels like arriving. The anticipation is killer!

39 weeks

We made it to 39 weeks! Despite all our suspicions of an early delivery, we’re still cruising and I’m still pregnant. My doctor will probably be excited to see me at my appointment this afternoon, because she said that 39 weeks is the best time to have a baby. I think she even said she wishes all her patients would deliver at 39 weeks. So she’ll be pleased that I made it this far.

For my part, now that Kyle’s birthday is behind us, I’m back to feeling generally excited and eager instead of actively hoping for Baby Boy to arrive on an exact date. But I’ve been feeling so much happening in my belly/body the past week that I feel like some measurable progress is bound to have happened. So I’m very excited for my appointment this afternoon. Because even if I’m not desperate for an exact date, I am still very, very excited to meet this little guy. Progress would be welcomed!

Additionally, my anxiety levels are down significantly since I started working from home full time. I feel so much better physically, with all my dizziness/wooziness basically a memory now that my heart rate and blood pressure are under control. It was clearly the right choice to stop going to the office.

Kyle had a great birthday yesterday. One for the record books, actually, even without the arrival of Baby Boy. And today he will be accompanying me to my doctor’s appointment. It is the first one he’s come to since the very first one. I think he is happy he’s able to make it to this one. And I know I’m glad he’ll be there. This could easily be the last appointment before baby. It would be great to bookend the pregnancy like that.

The baby is happy and healthy in there, as far as I can tell. He wiggles and moves around all the time. He seems pretty content in my belly – I think he might take after his father and be resistant to change. We may have to force him out in the end!

More later after my appointment. And we’ll get a 39 week picture up too!