Still pregnant!

The doctor’s appointment went well yesterday, as anticipated. There was some minor measurable progress (cervix moved forward somewhat and I’m now effaced 75%), but most things were the same as the last two weeks.

The stagnation is interesting news. It is nice that there is some progress, so my constant contracting hasn’t been completely useless. But based on how I’ve been feeling, I was surprised that I hadn’t dilated more, for example.

I thought I’d be disappointed in the lack of more significant progress. But (thank goodness) I’m not. The doctor is still very pleased with how both Baby and I look, and she seemed completely unconcerned. I try my best to take my cues from her, and she made it easy to feel good about everything.

She did mention that, if I’m still pregnant next week, she’ll have an induction plan (probably including a date) picked out for us. She said it can be difficult to get a slot that works scheduled with the hospital sometimes, so she was going to work on it now so we don’t run into problems with scheduling. I like her style. Planners are my people.

That being said, I am not super fond of the idea of induction. I know it happens all the time and healthy babies are born that way every day. But it appeals to me more that Baby Boy gets to come out when he is ready – that way we know for sure that he really is ready. It just seems counter-intuitive to force a natural process that my body is built for. Generally speaking, I think the baby probably knows what’s up, and he’ll make his move when the time is truly right.

But if my doctor says let’s do it, then let’s do it. I’ll be mentally prepared for that possibility, and I won’t resist. I know she wouldn’t lead me astray. But in the meantime, Kyle and I will be taking daily walks, howling at the full moon (which is today!), drinking pineapple juice, and generally trying out old wives’ tales for naturally encouraging labor.

We’ll see what happens. It is a pretty big mental adjustment to think of the baby coming late after suspecting for so long that he’d be early. Gut feelings are wrong all the time, and my gut feeling must have just been butterflies of excitement this time. 

Let’s all just take a moment to feel grateful that I’m not miserably uncomfortable and desperate to get the baby out. I am also very flattered that he likes it in there so much. What a sweet boy. He can take his time if he needs to. His mama is OK with that!