No surprises

I didn’t update yesterday. But I’m still pregnant!

Yesterday was a funny day for me. I had semi-painful, very distracting contractions all day long, which ultimately didn’t end up leading anywhere. At this point, they’ve calmed back down quite a bit. But it made for a strange day yesterday!

Kyle and I took a walk, which really kicked the contractions up. And I spent a significant portion of my day on my knees draped over the ottoman in the living room because it was more comfortable than any other position. I wasn’t sure if it was ramping up to the real deal, or just an uncomfortable day. So we took the hospital bag with us to Easter dinner just in case. 

At this point, Kyle and I are really just always prepared for “just in case”. So it didn’t feel like that big of a deal that I was feeling off yesterday and that we needed to prepare. We both actually quite enjoyed the day, and I think we felt excited that something might be happening, rather than panicked. And maybe a little disappointed that it ended up just being an uncomfortable day instead of action time.

The best/funniest part of the day was that Kyle kicked into full nesting mode. I haven’t really done that too much. I’m just a steady, constant nester (so far). But yesterday Kyle tackled the entire house by himself – laundry, dishes, trash and recycling, vacuuming, cut his hair, wiped the counters, cleaned the litter box. He was on a roll! All I contributed was some dusting and putting my clothes away. Oh… and I took a nap. Who needs to nest when their husband does it all for them?

I’ve decided that after a half day of work today, I’ll be calling it quits for my maternity leave. Finances are all in order, thanks to careful planning, baby staying in long enough, and some assistance from the fairy godparents in our lives. And after yesterday, I’m really just mentally and physically exhausted, and it is clear that the time has come for me to step back. Everyone at work is ready for this, so I have nothing to worry about.

All-in-all, Kyle, Baby and I are feeling really good. Let the resting before baby commence!