Bodily fluids

Today is the day of bodily fluids.

1. Lewis peed my bed while I was breastfeeding him last night. He has also peed every which way every single time I’ve changed his diaper today. A washcloth over his penis does nothing to contain the spray.
2. Lewis literally pooped in my hand as I was wiping up his bum from a previous poo.
3. Lewis spits up. Cuz he is a baby.
4. Lewis’ mouth bled/is bleeding after his procedure this morning.

Many cloths and outfits have been soiled today. By many different fluids. Many loads of laundry to be done today.

This child is leaky!

After 10 days of painful breastfeeding, we came to the conclusion that Baby Lewis’ tongue tie needed fixin’. Today he had a little snip-snip procedure done under his tongue and upper lip and now he can stick out his tongue! This is both amusing/adorable and, even better, quite a relief for the breastfeeding situation. Now I don’t dread him getting hungry! And his mama cried more than he did when they did the clipping. Who is the baby now? Hehe