Lewis hasn’t been feeling well for days. His poor tummy has been a mess! He is finally showing some signs of feeling better, but being a newborn and being sick sure is exhausting!

Nervous new mom

I have never spent so much time on the phone with doctors or at doctors appointments in my whole life as I have in the last 18 days.

I’m a nervous new mom. I’ll admit it. I overreact to the things my healing body is doing, to the breastfeeding situation (which is still quite painful), and especially to the things my sweet son is doing.

Latest concern is due to Lewis’ poop. Ever since his vomit incident, his poops have been different. I’ll spare you the details, but I’ve been really worried.

Up until this evening, consulting with my mom has calmed me enough. But she went to the symphony tonight, so when I had a spike in my worry-level, I had to call the pediatrician instead. The advice nurse said that nothing sounded acute, but that my particular concerns fell on a list of symptoms that I should talk to the doctor about. So we’re good for tonight, but I need to consult the doctor during their call hours tomorrow.

Marching orders received. Concerns that my baby is about to die put to rest. Hopefully we’ll sleep tonight.

1 AM UPDATE: We’re up after our first good, long sleep for the night. Which feels miraculous after we had an epic vomit session just before we decided to turn in. After that happened I was sure I’d be awake all night worrying!

But yes… Geyser vomiting is back, people. And so are crocodile tears (mine. Lewis shed not a one). But honestly, Lewis was asking to be fed every hour last night. It shouldn’t be a surprise that he over ate and exploded. So much for “feeding on demand” – This kid clearly can’t be trusted to demand only what he needs.