Awesome day

Today has been awesome.

I started out with a nice shower and then packed up and headed to my lactation appointment. I have officially been put on “breast rest” for my left breast for 4 days. And before I start breastfeeding again, I have to have another appointment. So I’m heading back on Monday to see how I’ve healed.

Luckily, my right breast produces enough milk for a full meal all by itself, so I can feed Lewis that way in the meantime and then pump and store the milk from the left breast. I feel a lot better having a plan.

At the end of the appointment, the lactation specialist wanted to check Lewis’ poops, so we opened up his diaper. There was no poo to speak of, but the lady was alarmed at Lewis’ penis. The plastic ring from his circumcision was hanging on by a thread. Kyle freaked out about it yesterday (I even called the after hours pediatrician line to get some reassurance for Kyle), and then the lactation lady was surprised by it… so I ended up calling the pediatrician to see if they could squeeze me in while I was in the building for my appointment. Enough people had reacted to it that I figured… might as well.

They said they could find some time for me, and although the doctor was completely unalarmed by the situation, she quickly snipped the tiny piece of skin and now he is officially all “healed”. 🙂 Circumcision complete. Green light for normal baths! No more sponge baths!

Then we headed straight to my sister-in-law’s house for an adventure. She came with us to the grocery store and taught me how to use my baby carrier. I know that sounds small… but it felt like a huge milestone for me!

Then we went out for lunch… SUSHI. We walked to the restaurant in the sunshine with the stroller, and Lewis was well behaved so we could enjoy a delicious, peaceful lunch. My first lunch out with the baby! And we didn’t die!

Once we got home, I spent some time in the kitchen making snacks for Kyle’s office. It is his turn to do “healthy Friday” tomorrow. Which, of course, means that I had work to do. 🙂 I made a delicious cucumber salad and a caprese pasta salad. I also picked up some sourdough bread and some raspberries. Lewis just hung out in his rocker in the kitchen while I worked.

And now laundry is in process, to top it all off.

The day has absolutely flown by, and I feel so accomplished. Problems solved, milestones reached, chores done. What a day!

My name is Lewis and I am resisting sleep for the first time since I was born. As a matter of fact, I have been resisting sleep all day long! I’m super alert and the only thing that can shut me up is something to suck on. But if I eat too much, mommy is afraid I’ll start vomiting again. So that means no more boobs… I get the pacifier! Hooray!

Mommy is disappointed that the pacifier doesn’t put me to sleep. But she’s creative, so she thought she’d try some sweet new jammies (see picture!) to get me in the mood. She also tried swaddling, and then went with unswaddled when that didn’t work. She walked laps around the house with me, tried rocking, shushing, holding me every way she could think of, passed me off to daddy… but all I want to do is suck on something and stare at the ceiling.

I’ve been doing this since lunch time today. I literally never get tired of it. Aren’t I funny?! I love learning new tricks!