My name is Lewis and I am resisting sleep for the first time since I was born. As a matter of fact, I have been resisting sleep all day long! I’m super alert and the only thing that can shut me up is something to suck on. But if I eat too much, mommy is afraid I’ll start vomiting again. So that means no more boobs… I get the pacifier! Hooray!

Mommy is disappointed that the pacifier doesn’t put me to sleep. But she’s creative, so she thought she’d try some sweet new jammies (see picture!) to get me in the mood. She also tried swaddling, and then went with unswaddled when that didn’t work. She walked laps around the house with me, tried rocking, shushing, holding me every way she could think of, passed me off to daddy… but all I want to do is suck on something and stare at the ceiling.

I’ve been doing this since lunch time today. I literally never get tired of it. Aren’t I funny?! I love learning new tricks!

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