Breast rest day one

The first full day of breast rest is in the books. The verdict? Pumping is inconvenient, but less painful. And my right breast is suffering the consequences of being the only active breastfeeding boob.

Now that my right breast is on full time feeding duty, I’m feeling even more concerned about the future of breastfeeding for me. It has only been a day and I’m already noticing increased pain in the right breast. It seems like I’m just trading pain in the left for pain in my right. That doesn’t feel promising.

I’m trying to be optimistic about healing and being able to continue breastfeeding, but optimism is hard to come by when you’re in pain. I find myself losing hope more and more with each feeding. But I won’t give up until I know for sure I’ve given it my all. And that means I at least need to follow through on my breast rest plan until my follow up appointment on Monday. No decisions until then.