Happy 4 weeks birthday to the cutest, milk-drunkest, most awesome baby that ever did live. Mommy and Daddy have beem counting their lucky stars every day since you were born.

Wake up: 4:04 am

Breastfeed: 6 minutes
Pump: 5 minutes
Change diaper: 3 minutes
Breastfeed: 5 minutes
Bottle: 3 minutes
Rock baby to sleep: 1 hour and counting


Another deadline

Kyle and I drew an arbitrary line in the sand last week – at 4 weeks old, Lewis will sleep in his crib.

At this point, he is in a rocker in our bedroom. We had to rearrange furniture to find room for it. But with the anxiety I had about him when we first brought him home, it was the only way. Not for his sake, but for mine.

Tomorrow he will be 4 weeks old. The deadline has arrived.

He is still ready. He doesn’t care where he sleeps. But am I ready? Has my anxiety quieted down enough for this transition?

I think yes. I find myself in the nursery every night pumping and feeding him, and I think to myself… gee. It would be easy to just leave him in here.

My only worry is that he is so quiet when he wakes up. Will I hear him on the monitor? Or will he have to reach hysterics before it’s loud enough to register?

I suppose the only way to know is to try it. I’m going to try not to chicken out tomorrow.