Hospital Bills and Husband at Home

The hospital bills have started to arrive. It looks like we’ve been billed for everything already, but they’re less than I expected so far… so I’m sure I’m wrong. There is no way we’re getting off this easy. But it does feel good to get the first round done. Let’s hear it for our Health Savings Account (which is now depleted) for allowing us to pay this batch. The next round will be tougher to figure out, but we’ll work out a payment plan when the time comes and the HSA will continue to help us, since we contribute to it (pre-tax) each time Kyle gets paid.

Speaking of Kyle… he is home today! He has been taking Fridays off as much as he can since Lewis was born, and he managed to pull it off again this week. It is so nice to have him here. He went grocery shopping today, and he has been changing diapers and I was able to take a long shower. I totally get why people prefer having a partner to raise a kid with. Having him here makes things so much easier. Today is another day I’d marry him all over again if I could.

Yay and oops

Yay: Lewis smiled real smiles for the first time yesterday! Lots of them! Apparently he finds my mom very amusing! He is an early smiler, which makes Kyle and I very proud.

Oops: despite my best instincts and all recommendations, I fed Lewis from my left breast last night. I’m almost healed, and all other pieces are in place… and I was just too damn tired to pump. The good news is that it didn’t hurt. So I feel positive about that. The bad news is it is still squirt-gun-boob, and Lewis came up sputtering and gasping. And now I’m up with him earlier than planned because he threw up on himself in his crib. I would assume it is from too much milk?

He seems fine other than the fact that he vomited. As a matter of fact, he was hungry. So he’s eating right now. But maybe my left boob will always be a problem one way or another.