I let him talk himself to sleep. Didn’t take long. And then he proceeded to go almost 5 hours between feedings.

I could have slept about 4 hours in a row.

But no. I decided to have trouble falling asleep. So I only got 2.5 hours. Good? Yes. But not as good as it should have been. Dangit.

Baby Boy has now eaten again and is asleep on my shoulder. As soon as I’m convinced he’s really out, I’m putting him down and hoping for another 5 hour interval.

Can I be that lucky? Maybe!

Lewis seemed to go down easy tonight. Passed out after eating with no effort on my part.

Now I am in bed listening to him murmur things on the monitor. He no longer sounds like a sleeping baby.

To get up and rock him, or to let him talk himself to sleep? That is the question.

All I know is that I would really love to have a good, long night of sleep tonight. And 9:30 is as good a time as any to start that.