First haircut

Now that Lewis is chugging away, I can tell you about his first haircut!

He was born with an impressive patch of hair at the base of his neck – thick and dark and luscious.


The rest of his hair is less thrilling. And since birth some of it has fallen out and the rest has gotten lighter. But that patch at the base of his neck has only gotten longer.

It looked like a rat tail.

I hated it from the beginning. Thought it was gross. Kyle wanted to hold onto it to somehow make up for his own lack of hair.

But yesterday he finally got on board and decided it was unsightly. AND HE CUT IT OFF!

I made him use safety scissors and I held Lewis very still. And now the rat tail is no more! Hooray! First haircut in the books!

Survival sleep

Lewis has been tough to get to sleep for the past few days. Actually, more accurately, Lewis won’t stay asleep. Even with successfully tiring him out by keeping him awake in the evening, and signaling “bedtime” by keeping a consistent bedtime routine, he will wake up shortly after he falls asleep and I put him in his crib.

This has been happening when I initially put him down in the evening, and after all subsequent night feedings.

So I’m tired. And I’ve entered survival sleep mode. After his 5 am feeding, if he wakes back up, he has been coming to bed with me and sleeping between me and Kyle.

And you know what? My best sleep of the entire night comes after Kyle leaves for work. I put Lewis on Kyle’s side of the bed, and he zonks with a pacifier in his mouth. And between about 7:30 and 9:45 every morning I get the sleep I need to make it through the day. A very strange phenomenon for a girl who never used to sleep in past 7.

Now if you’ll excuse me, Lewis just woke up and thinks he is going to starve to death.