Spoke too soon. My fever is back. Can’t sleep cuz I’m so cold.

Plus I called the pediatrician and had to wait a half hour for them to call back. They have given me a few things to watch for with Lewis after his episode earlier. I always feel better with marching orders.

But I must say I am extra grateful for the 4 hours of sleep that kicked off my night. I am going to need them to get Lewis taken care of tonight. I’ve already been up 2 hours for this feeding and phone call. And he woke back up as soon as I got back in bed.

He does seem to be feeling okay, however. As I sit in my chair and rock him, he keeps giving me little smiles in his sleep. Hopefully soon he’ll be good and zonked and I can try to snag a few more hours.

Love you, baby boy. Sleep sleep now.

Meds have worn off and I am fever free. Hooray!

Also, Kyle put Lewis to bed after I fed him last night, and I got a full 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I could dance I’m so happy.

But instead I will finish this feeding with my sweet baby, change his diaper, and try to collect a few more hours of sleep. Hallelujah. Mommy lives another day!

Quick updates

1. I got the least sleep I’ve ever gotten last night. Because I was worried about Lewis not eating, I was in pain, and I was actually getting that fever. I’ve been so tired today.

2. I think my milk supply has been reduced effectively. I didn’t squirt Lewis once today.

3. His poops are still not what they should be. And he has been very gassy this evening. Poor baby doesn’t feel good. I’m guessing he still isn’t getting the fatty hindmilk he needs, or his body hasn’t caught up after he started getting it. Hoping for some relief for him tomorrow.

4. I have had a fever today. Took both Tylenol and ibuprofen and it still wouldn’t go down. Finally feeling better now, but we’ll see what happens when the drugs wear off. I have no other symptoms of anything, so I’m hoping it will just go away and I’m not actually sick.

5. Lewis and I were out all day today with a friend, and I breastfed him in public for the first time. Not in a restroom, but in full view of everyone. I had my little cover up thing, and Lewis and I felt very comfortable. It felt appropriate, and I didn’t get any dirty looks from any of the restaurant patrons. A real milestone! I had such anxiety about how it would go, and it turns out there was no reason for that!

6. I came home this afternoon and Kyle had cleaned the bathroom and done all the dishes without me asking. What a hero!