Lewis says “no mom. I’m not ready to get up and let you work. Going back to work is not an option, even if you are only going to do a few hours from home. We need to stay in bed and sleep!”

THE NEGATIVE: Lewis projectile vomited again while at my mom’s for her birthday dinner. Actually, it was while we were eating dinner and sitting at the table. He soaked me and himself, and we both had to change clothes. It was embarrassing, but even worse, it totally rattled me and Kyle.

I retreated to the bathroom and cried while I cleaned myself up. Kyle took care of Lewis and ended up taking him home and skipping dessert. Honestly… we both kind of skipped dinner too because we were too thrown off to sit back down and eat. Which I’m regretting now at 4 am when I’m starving.

THE POSITIVE: Kyle was solo parent for a long time yesterday afternoon while I took my mom for a birthday pedicure and helped cook her birthday dinner. He was excited to give a long stretch a try, along with packing the baby up and having somewhere to go. It all went swimmingly (as I knew it would), and Kyle was very pleased with the experience.

We managed to bathe Lewis before bed, even though it was late. So now the only vomit covered human is me.

Lewis went a 5.5 hour stretch between feedings! Wow! I didn’t get to bed right away because Kyle and I felt the need to debrief after the day and chatted a bit before sleep time. But I still got a 4 hour sleep in! Way to go, Lewis. Mom liked that.

My fever is gone. And so is my breast tenderness for the most part. Mom and I think I had mastitis and that I was able to clear it through feeding Lewis. Thank goodness it didn’t get worse and I didn’t need medical intervention. That could have been my final straw with breastfeeding. But now we don’t have to go there!

Mom’s birthday dinner was a success, and Lewis’ vomiting episode only seemed to ruin it for us. Mom deserves to have an amazing birthday, and it was fun to pull off a huge fancy dinner with my brothers.

Lots more positives than negatives. The one negative thing on the list felt so huge and overwhelming that it was hard to recognize that the positives were significantly more abundant yesterday. When you see it spelled out like that, it’s easier to feel grateful.