Lewis is 12.5 lbs today, on his 6 week birthday. That means he is almost out of 0-3 months sized clothes already!

I also just found out that “3 months” sized baby clothes actually fall into the 0-3 months group, not the 3-6 months category as I previously thought. So Lewis has a whole crop of clothes that he needs to wear in the next couple days if they’re ever going to see any action.

They should really make this stuff easier.

6 weeks!

Lewis is 6 weeks old today! Can you believe that? It feels like he has always been here. And boy do we sure like having him around.

6 weeks! What a big boy! Practically an adult!

First day of part-time work

As I mentioned, today was my first day of part-time work since the baby arrived. I worked from home and even managed to do all 4 hours in one stretch. Lewis was very cooperative.

Kyle came home at lunch to see us and changed a diaper while he was here. It was extremely helpful as well as being a fun midday surprise. Lewis loves his daddy and when they were playing it almost sounded like he was giggling! But I’m sure that’s not possible at his tender young age.

How did it feel to work again? Well… it was ok. Turns out they survived without me, but they all seemed happy not to have to survive any longer without me. My value may have gone up now that they all know how much I do on a regular basis. I will quote one of my minions to demonstrate the point: “We always knew you were busy. But you made it look so easy!”

My boss also seemed relieved to have me back. He must be glad not to have to do parts of my job on top of everything he already does. He was already a busy man.

So it was a nice welcome back from everyone. Who doesn’t like to feel valued? 🙂 But I didn’t love sticking the baby in his rocker for so long. I felt like I was neglecting him. And it turns out breastfeeding and typing are not a natural combination, but instead a learned skill. I’m sure I’ll improve with time.

Having lost 4 hours of my normal maternity leave day to work, I had a tougher time getting things done around the house. No shower or dishes or laundry until the evening when Kyle came home. Because after I stopped working for the day, I had to snuggle my baby to make up for all the neglect. Poor Lewis.

But it worked. I think I’ll be able to manage it. And it wasn’t completely awful to turn my brain back on. It would appear that my brain is still in working order, despite not having processed any problems besides breastfeeding and baby poop for 6 weeks. What a relief!


Another Shooting

There was another shooting in our neighborhood. This time it was at the local playground, and it was gang related.

I repeat: it was at our local playground. 

At 5pm.

On a sunny day. One that might tempt you to go to the playground with your child.


Our daycare emailed all parents to say that kids were safe. There were helicopters flying overhead. There were sirens blaring.

I have been searching for houses online again. Any house that isn’t in a neighborhood where shootings are common is too expensive for us still. That hasn’t changed. I didn’t really think it would have changed in the few months since the last shooting. But I was hoping…

But I am back at work as of today… so time to bring home the bacon so we can get out of here.