I started the night with a 3.5 hr sleep. I guess that’s a little more than a power nap! Turns out Lewis was more tired than hungry and didn’t wake up for food nearly as soon as I expected.

Second stretch was 2.5 hrs. So I am already at 6 hours of sleep at 5:45 am! Amazing! Anything after this just feels like a bonus. I could totally survive on 6 hours.

Thanks, Baby Lewis!

Lewis has been awake for most of the day. It has been rather impressive – and fun too! I thought for sure he’d go right to sleep after the last feeding, because surely he must be exhausted.

But he must have a tummy ache or something, because he keeps sleeping for 4 minutes and then waking up to fuss. And now it’s been so long since his last feeding that it almost doesn’t even matter if he falls asleep – he’ll be waking up soon for more food anyway. So any sleep I manage to get if he does drift off will hardly even count as a power nap.

But after the next feeding he is bound to be tired. He’s had such an alert day! It will hit him at some point, I’m sure!