After a day with 5 outfit changes due to Lewis vomiting (gah! Again!), pooping, and peeing on himself, I felt like I’d simply had enough and needed a pick-me-up.

So I packed up Lewis and headed to the store to get a surprise for Kyle. He loves gummy bears (and gummy candy in general), so I got a 3 lb bag of haribos, and a 2 lb bag of sour patch kids. I also got a bottle of champagne, a new movie, and a card. In the card I told him he can have a 15 minute massage from me anytime he wants.

I imagined that we would open the champagne and watch the movie while eating gummy bears and snuggling Lewis. And at some point I’d rub his shoulders. The idea made me happy and totally brightened my day.

Well… Kyle came home from work and mowed the lawn and brought in the garbage cans and folded laundry and made the bed instead. And then he was so tired that he wanted to help get me and Lewis off to bed and check out with some video games.

It was a different evening than I planned. But it was still pleasant. I just hope that my surprise keeps until tomorrow! Everything has been so baby oriented lately that we hardly have time to show each other we care. But I definitely haven’t stopped caring. As a matter of fact, I appreciate my husband even more than ever. We are just in a stage where we have to make a conscious effort to show it, otherwise it is too easy to focus 1000% on Lewis. And we’ll be better parents to him if we are happy and strong and paying attention to each other as a couple than if we direct all our energy towards him.