I love to be organized. And today I’ve gotten the itch to get some things in order.

One thing on the list is baby clothes. I bought some bins to sort things into so clothes that are not currently in use due to being the wrong size can be put away but easily located.

I just put away the newborn size stuff and OH. MY. GOODNESS. he was so small! Hard to believe how quickly he has ballooned! 6 weeks later and those tiny clothes look like a joke! No way they were made for actual humans to fit into!

And then I put away the 12 months size stuff for future use and OH. MY. GOODNESS. no way he is going to be that big EVER.

Lewis went to sleep at 8pm. I am skeptical about what this will mean for the night ahead. Best to just put myself to bed now to be on the safe side! Sleep when baby sleeps, they say!

Aye aye captain! Sleep I shall!

Update: it was a fake out. It is now 10:15 and I think Lewis may actually be sleeping now.

6 week postpartum

I had my 6 week postpartum appointment. And *huzzah!* I have been declared 100% healthy! Well… more like 98% healthy. But that final 2% shouldn’t affect my day to day life, and I just have to have one more follow up appointment with a different doctor to figure that out.

All my stitches have dissolved, and everything looks as it should. I’ve been cleared to resume all normal activities whenever I feel like it. I half expected my doctor to tell me I was another 2 weeks out based upon my last conversation with her… but I do feel really good, so I knew there was a chance I’d be cleared.

It is one thing to be declared physically fit, and it is another thing entirely to feel mentally ready. There was a lot of physical trauma involved with Lewis’ birth, and at times it felt like the pain would last forever. It is difficult to trust that everything is okay down there after only 6 quick weeks, especially after mentally preparing for “forever”.

But I would like to get back to the gym and wear normal non-gigantic underwear… I think those are the first things I’ll try!

OH! And maybe I’ll by some “interim” jeans (jeans that aren’t maternity, but which are larger than my pre-pregnancy jeans) and try wearing normal pants! Bye bye yoga pants and maxi skirts? Maaaaaybe!