Yesterday I ran some errands, and when I arrived home, Lewis and Kyle were snuggling in the living room.

I walked in and said to Lewis, “Did you miss me?!”

And he burst out into the biggest grin ever.

I’d say he missed me. 🙂 and Kyle and I both teared up at how sweet Lewis’ reaction was.

We did things in the wrong order tonight. Lewis played, then ate, and then had a bath, and now he is sleeping.

Normally we do bath, play, eat, sleep.

Because eating happened so early in the process, I’m anticipating a hungry baby at any moment, despite him going to sleep so recently.

Not sure why we mixed things up today. That seems silly in retrospect.

Now that I’ve been cleared for physical activity, I’ve set my first post-baby weight loss goal.

In the interest of being reasonable and sane (two qualities I hope to possess as a mother and as a human in general), I am aiming for something attainable. Considering that I’ve already lost 30 lbs without trying, I am well on my way towards my pre-pregnancy weight. But I do still have 20 to go, since I went overboard in a big way during pregnancy. We’ll just call all the extra weight “breastfeeding fuel” to make it sound less atrocious.

So the goal…

I’m shooting for 5 more pounds before my next doctor’s appointment, which is almost exactly one month from now. I feel like I can do this for a number of reasons:

1. I’m still breastfeeding and burning extra calories that way.
2. I already lost so much weight without exercise. Imagine what I can do with just a few gym visits per week!
3. I have been eating whatever I want and have lost weight anyway. Some more careful choices should make a huge difference!
4. Kyle is super supportive of my goals, without being pushy or telling me I’m fat and disgusting. As a matter of fact, he seems to think I’m more beautiful than ever, which confuses the heck out of me. But he makes me feel really good about myself, and that makes me feel inspired.

Wish me luck!