Today Lewis met people from work. We adventured our way to my office where he was the center of attention. It is pretty fun to show him off. Everyone remarked at what a calm baby he is.

And they’re right. He is.

Except for tonight. Tonight Lewis had some issues.

First off, it’s hot today. I think we topped off at 85 outside, which meant our uninsulated 109 year old house got up to 80. So Lewis was hot. Even when we had him in just a diaper. Poor baby. What is he going to do when it is 90 or 100+?!

He also got hungry this evening waaaay before when he normally does, and didn’t communicate that fact in the way he normally does. There was no cooing or grunting or eating of his hands. No rooting. Nothing we’re used to. He just… lost it.

He cried uncontrollably for quite some time before I decided to try feeding him, despite no signs of hunger. And what do you know… he ate and fell asleep.

Of course he did wake up again about 5 minutes later. So now I’m hanging out snuggling a very sweaty baby who looks asleep. But I don’t trust him. I think he is faking it again. So I’ll wait it out a bit longer.